GLCC is led by a team of qualified educators who enjoy teaching and watching children grow!

Our Staff

Seeking Qualified Candidate, Director

Ellen has been with Geneva Lakefront Childcare Center since 2008 and she wouldn’t think of doing anything else. To be able to come into work and know that she gets to have a hand in teaching and helping the children grow on a day to day basis is priceless. Seeing them smile, being happy and learning new things everyday makes what she does very rewarding. Ellen worked in the Pre-Kindergarten Program for 4 1/2 years before switching into the Infant Room. She has 2 young daughters and has been babysitting since she was 11 years old.

Kara has been with Geneva Lakefront Childcare Center since 2009. Before becoming the lead teacher in the Waddler Program, Kara worked in the Pre-School Program for about a year. Kara has always known that she has wanted to work with kids. She loves working at GLCC because it is so rewarding to see the children in her program learn and grow every day. Kara states “No two days are ever the same and every day is a new experience.” Kara has obtained her Childhood Development Associate Degree.


Ann’s passion has always been to work with children. She worked for Ontario Day Care Center (A.K.A. Geneva Lakefront Childcare Center) for two years. She left to pursue a nanny position for about 3 years. After much consideration, Ann wanted to get back into the daycare setting. She returned to Geneva Lakefront Childcare Center in 2004, where she has been the Lead Teacher for the Infant Program.

Ann believes that learning starts at birth and she takes great pride in helping them prepare for next chapter in their lives. She states working with the infants “is a constant adventure and surprise as to what will come next.” Ann loves to spend all of her free time with her daughter. Ann has her Childhood Development Associate's Degree.

Sarah started at Geneva Lakefront Childcare Center at the end of 2013. Sarah states she chose the daycare field as she comes from a very big family and has always loved kids. Sarah comes with a lot of experience being around and caring for kids. Sarah felt that this was the career path for her as she wants to be an educator for the children.

Tina has been with Geneva Lakefront Childcare Center since 2013. Ever since Tina was a little girl, she recalls wanting to teach, however she was too afraid to go to college. Tina put that fear behind her and graduated in 2007, with honors with an Associate Degree in Early Childhood. Prior to coming to GLCC Tina worked in a daycare in Weedsport as a Lead Toddler Teacher. Tina has been married for 18 years and has a son.

Brianna has been in childcare for a little over 5 years. She worked for Geneva ABCD Daycare for 5 years, where she worked in the Pre-School and Toddler Programs there. She has been with Geneva Lakefront Childcare Center since 2013. She chose childcare as her career because she enjoys working with the children, and watching them laugh and learn and grow. Brianna loves to see the children surpass their milestones. She feels that the children learn best in a warm and friendly environment. Brianna has a son who is her pride and joy. Brianna has her Childhood Development Associates Degree. One of Brianna’s goals is to continue her education in Early Childhood.



Kara Hutchinson, Waddler Teacher


Ann Merola, Infant Teacher 


Ellen Kennedy, Infant Teacher
Samantha Meeks, PreSchool 1 Teacher 
Sarah Mazzeo, Toddler 1 Teacher


Toddler 1 Teacher


Elena Gregor-Castro


Tracy Wilson, PreSchool 1 Teacher


Victorria Hurd, Pre-K Teacher


Flora Kowalchuk Liu, School Age Teacher


Flora has been with Geneva Lakefront Childcare Center since 1995. She is a mother of 6 and a grandmother of 9. She has done volunteer work with children since 1985 and professionally since 1995. Flora has an AAS degree in Early Childhood Education. She enjoys watching children learn and the excitement when they succeed. She believes that if children believe in themselves, then they will feel safe to extend their reach to try new things. Flora has an eccentric approach to teaching and learning, and that the best way to learn is through fun. Flora is fluent in English and Spanish, as well as some Chinese and some sign language.

Jeff Bailey, Kitchen Manager


Tessa Hanagan


Tessa has been the UPK teacher at GLCC since fall 2012. In 2005,she graduated from SUNY Geneseo with a bachelor’s degrees in psychology and sociology. Although she didn’t know exactly what field she wanted to enter, she knew she wanted to work with kids. She got a job as a 1:1 aide at FLUCP Happiness House. While there she earned my teaching assistant certification and eventually chose to go back to school to obtain her Master’s Degree in Education. She graduated from Nazareth College in 2012 with a Master’s of Science in Education. Tessa is certified to teach general and special education

at the early childhood level (birth-grade 2).

When she first began working here she was the lead teacher in both the UPK and school age programs.  When UPK began running a full day program in March 2014, she became the full time UPK teacher.  Tessa believes that learning should be fun and exciting, and that we all learn best by doing.  Therefore, her students are always engaged in hands-on (and often messy!) activities.  They do science experiments to practice skills such as making predictions, using descriptive language, measuring, and counting.  Writing in shaving cream is much more fun than using pencils and paper, but just as effective, and who wants to practice counting with blocks when we can use jelly beans instead?





Infants & Wads

Toddler Rooms 1, 2, & 3!

PreSchool 1 & 2

Victorria is a teacher in the prekindergarten classroom and has her Associate's Degree in Childhood Education.  Before she joined us at GLCC, she worked with children in her church's nursery for years.  With one older sibling and five younger ones, Victorria also considers the members of her church family as well.  "I love working with children and spending time with them not only as a job, but in my life outside of GLCC as well."

Samantha has worked at GLCC for six months now. She chose to work here because she  loves working with children.  In 2012, Sam graduated from high school and trade school.  Her trade school contained college classes for Early Childhood and Education Professions where she had the opporunity to learn about children (and adults) with disabilities. She  hopes to be successful with a future of business work.  Being a role model for children is a motivation for her as well as working with them everyday.  "Every child that I've met has made an impact on my life and I hope to do the same."

Elena has been with GLCC since the summer of 2013, prior to GLCC, Elena studied child psychology in high school which entailed volunteering at local day cares.  Elenda has always had the desire to work with kids, she has a fun and exciting personality and loves to watch them grow and sprout into their own people.

Tracy is the mother of four sons and has two grandchildren.  She was a stay at home mom until her boys reached preschool.  She had volunteered at Geneva headstart and landed a position there as an assistant teacher.  As her three older boys reached school age, she decided to go into healthcare. Tracy worked as a central processing tech for 12 years.  At that point in her life, she missed working with children.  She recently joined our GLCC team as an assistant teacher and floats from room to room. "I love being able to share my artistic ability with the children and help them learn through art." She is very happy to be back to working with children.

Kaci Sciarabba, PreSchool 2 Teacher

Kaci is a graduate from SUNY Cortland.  She has had experience in several Kindergarten classrooms, part time babysitting jobs, and is studying to become a Kindergarten teacher.  Kaci has worked with children ranging from infants to school age.  She has achieved her Associates Degree in Teacher Education, as well as her B.S. in Early Childhood Education with a concentration of Humanities.  With two years of American Sign Language practice, she is great with all children.  Her young spirit and very outgoing personality draws the children's attention which creates a bond that she enjoys most!

Our Substitute Teachers

These ladies can be seen in any classroom working as extra staff to keep Geneva Lakefront Childcare running sufficiently!

Jeff has a manager of a grocery store or restaurant most of his life.  Over the course of many years he has worked for Big M (9 years), Dairy/Frozen Manager for Tops (5 years), General Manager for Brueggers Bagels (10 years), was a cook at Denny's (1 1/2 years), and for three years worked at a privately owned restaurant.

Chloe Linn, Toddler 2 Teacher

Chloe became an aunt to her first nephew at the young age of five, and her love for children and babies continues to grow.  She has several nephew and nieces who she has been a nanny and helped raise her whole life.  She worked for a daycare center in Farmington for two years where she learned how to run a classroom and create lasting memories.  She began taking her CDA classes which she has now completed and is working towards completing her psychology degree at FLCC.  After that she hopes to go onto and receive her bachelors.  

Her life revolves around her family and being an aunt is the most rewarding job she will ever have.  She loves to watch any child learn something new and grow individually with their own personalities.  Due to a recent move to help out family members, GLCC is the perfect place to further her experiences.

School Age


Angela has been here for over 1 year.  She is currently in college and plans to transfer to Keuka College for Child Psychology.  Angela works part time as a substitute while going to school and works full-time center during the summer.  She enjoys being a floater, as she gets to experience children as young as 6 weeks and school-age children.

Brianna Bailey, Administrative Assistant
Kara Hutchinson, Waddler Teacher


Angela Ralston, Waddler Teacher


Ashely French, Waddler Teacher


Tina Mitchell, Toddler 3 Teacher


Rebecca Wilkie, Toddler 2 Teacher


Breanna Iredale, Toddler 3 Teacher


PreSchool 2 Teacher


Mary LaDuew, Pre-K Teacher


Morgan D'Eredita, School Age Teacher


Brianna McDermott


Rachael Scott


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