"Play is an active form of learning that unites the mind, body, and soul."
12 - 18 months Waddler Class

In the Waddler Program, we work on getting the child into a well-balanced routine, encouraging independence and learning through playful interactions with each other. We want to work with you and your child to make your child's days at GLCC a great experience. This is a transition room, a place for them to get more stable on their feet and start to use their words before moving on to the Toddler Room. They do lots of arts and crafts in this room where you may find the children sitting at the table in just their diaper playing with pudding or cool whip. This room's ratio is also 4:1. 


18 months - 2 Year Old Toddler Class


Our Toddler Program is play-based which has a strong focus on encouraging independence as well as developing verbal and social skills. Our teachers are prepared and trained to provide structured daily activities and transitions. Physical activities strengthen our children's growing muscles and improve coordination. Quieter role playing activities stimulate imagination and early language development. Each program includes art and sensory projects, indoor and outdoor large motor play, field trips, and structured "family-style" meal time.  A cornerstone of the program is our structured circle time--a ritual that recognizes that children have different feelings and a time to come together for children to express their needs, starting their day with a personalized conversation, increasing their self-confidence, and developing their oral language. The children will learn about the weather, colors, shapes, counting, alphabet and storytime. Our staff has a sound knowledge of child development along with age-appropriate expectations.  Our teachers work with the children on potty training, proper handwashing, teaching manners: please, thank you, and using cups and silverware. We currently have three toddler programs.  The ratio is 5:1 

3 Year Old Preschool Class

Our Preschool Program is designed to enhance color, letter, and number recognition, as well as independence through imaginative and center-focused play. Each week, children focus on a different letter, number, and color with many projects being focused around this weekly milestone. Frequent guests visit the classroom, also providing a weekly focus. Each program exposes children to new experiences and languages, including sign language and spanish. Science, nature, music and cultural experiences are incorporated daily. In your child's classroom, we also focus on increasing social skills, patience, expressing feelings, getting dressed, button/unbutton, zip/snap, and putting on their shoes. As your child begins potty training, our staff provides encouragement and assistance, working with each family for an individualized approach. The ratio is the Preschool Rooms are 7:1.  We currently have two preschool programs.


​6 Week - 12 months Infant Class

The Infant Program provides the best quality care for our little family. It is a happy and safe atmosphere every day, and we encourage teacher and parent communication for a well-rounded learning experience. The staff in this program enjoy the daily growth and development changes of the children on a daily basis!  In the Infant Room, we start working on the skills of crawling, walking, and how we smell and taste different foods.  We have a Safe Sleep Policy in effect where all children are placed in their cribs to nap. No items are placed in the crib without parent consent. This room has a ratio of 4:1.



Pre-K Program

Our Pre-K program uses a combination of independent and teacher directed activities, as well as small and large group activities.  These learning experiences promote cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development to enhance the children's independence and self-confidence.  They start to learn sight words, basic math up to 10, button, tying, zipping and snapping. They learn parents names, phone numbers and addresses. The ratio is 8:1 ratio.

Universal Pre-K Program

Universal Pre-Kindergarten is a program for 4 year olds who are going to be attending kindergarten the following year. It is from 8:30am-3:00pm and follows the Geneva City School District schedule.  Learning activities focus on skills that will ready children for school, including: number concepts, letter/sound relationships, and beginning reading. Kindergarten teachers from West Street School are consulted to ensure that these skills align with the Geneva City School District. Social and self-help skills are also a focus, encouraging your child to say "I did it myself!" with confidence. They will continue to learn sight words, basic math up to 10, buttoning, tying, zipping and snapping. They learn parents names, phone numbers, and addresses. The raio is 8:1


School Age Program

The School Age Program is for children ages 5-12.  During the school year, we use this program as a before and after school program where we assist the children with their homework and offer structured play. When school is not in session, we have themed weeks that allow the children to continue to learn but in a fun setting. The ratio is 10:1


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